Friday, February 17, 2012

Winter Pooling

Evan thought it would be fun to take Vienna to the Provo pool last night. We've gone 4 times now this winter and we always have a hoot! I love watching Evan and Vienna playing in the pool because he can get her to laugh so hard over and over and over. She never tires of his silly play. Whether it's dive-bombing off the side of the pool into his arms, or being throw up and out of the water so high she can almost touch the little triangular flags, she just screams uncontrollably. 
Up on the highest diving board, there were some giant pool toys stored that caught her eye. Even though we were no where near them and there was no way to reach them, She would plunge into the water and dive toward them. See, why can't we live more like that? No fear of challenges or obstacles that may come our way. Just quit planning and plotting and JUST DO IT:)

I will personally try to follow her example more often.

Here is Evan and Vienna during the summer. Vienna was probably 5 months old here and it was her first time in the pool.

Next time we go, I'll take my camera and snap a few shots. I take mental pictures but those are harder to see.

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