Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

Justine & Tia Dawn invited Vienna & I over for a Valentine's Day tea party and it was so cute and fun! We had adorable pink cream cheese and turkey sandwiches, pink yogurt with raspberries, pink lemonade, and chocolate cupcakes! We had a beautiful "linner" (lunchish-dinner) and we enjoyed each others company. 
We met new little friends, hung out with loved ones and celebrated Valentine's Day.
The event wrapped up nicely with Joseph (age 19 months) having some round, brown surprises falling out of his pants and then Vienna throwing up on her Valentine's Day outfit:).
Lippy almost lost it, but after a few moments away from all the little children, she got herself together. lol.

Thanks Justine & Tia Dawn for a wonderful afternoon!

Lippy took this cute picture. I just love her little pooched lips! lol. This was the first time I did TWO piggy tails on her. 
I thought it turned out pretty cute. 
Ps. The adorable Valentine's outfit she is wearing is courtesy of my cousin Krystyna Hales. 
We loved it! Thanks so much for thinking ahead for us! :)

We each brought Valentine's to pass out. These are the ones Vienna and I made for her.

Here are our beautiful hostess! Justine in the middle and the two adorable girls that she is a nanny for. 
Pep, you must send me their names again. Sasha? and I know I will never get the spelling right on little Miss Three Year Old:)


Look at some of the cute little table decor!

My lap buddy

Mel and her lap buddy, Joseph

Vienna and I from across the table. I made Lippy stand far away because I had a malfunction happen when I went for an eyebrow wax right before the party. Let's just say I had chunks of skin missing from around my eyebrows and it felt like a stinging sunburn! 
So it's shining around my eyebrows from the Neosporin. 

On a side note, there was a tiny bit of scabbing on the largest patch but within 2 days you could hardly see anything at all. 
It healed up super fast and with absolutely no marks. Yay! Thank you Adi for doing the sweet Red Laser treatment on me! I think it worked!

This is what happens when we say "Cheese!" lol. It's also the same face you get when you asked her to show you her "teeeeeth"

She's my baby, so I think it's okay if I put a million pictures of her. 
I just think she makes the cutest faces.

Bean bag toss game. Vienna tried throwing but found it was much easier to get the bean bag in the basket if she just grabbed the basket and then dropped the bean bags in. She likes to think outside of the box. She gets that from her daddy.

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  1. Elizabeth and I had fun looking at your pictures. So, so cute! It was a fun party. We will have to do it again.