Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day Date

Evan took me on one of the greatest dates ever! We had our on Valentine's Day on Friday instead of Tuesday so we didn't mess up anyone else's Valentine's Day plans (baby sitting Vienna).

Our date went as follows:
  • Dinner at Ruth's Chris in Salt Lake City
  • Full set manicure nail appointment 
(Evan was going to get a pedicure but it was going to take too long)
  • "Zorro" performance at the Hale Center Theater in West Valley City
We had SO much fun! We decided we would eat like the ritzies more often. The food was divine, service was amazing and I would do it over and over again. Evan was so funny  because he wasn't sure if they served soft drinks. Our waiter gave him a hard time, teasing him that they didn't serve drinks like that. It was funny. I always tell Evan, if you don't know, fake it! lol. 
I had this delicious stuffed chicken and some pretty fancy fries.
Evan had a fancy steak and the famous sweet potato side.

All in all it was a wonderful way to spend the evening with my best friend, lover and sweet husband.

Getting my nails done was such a fun surprise. I was dying to get them done before out date but things just got busy with Vienna. Evan is so thoughtful and considerate of my feelings.

Zorro was top-notch! A fabulous show filled with loud, fun songs and intense dancing and sword fighting! It was almost nothing like the Cathrine Zeta-Jones & Antonio Banderas movie, which I kind of thought it would be. It was a super charming and entertaining way to finish off the evening. 

We rushed to my parent's house to pick up our baby, how I missed her!
We chatted with them about our night and Vienna was so funny. She was so tired that she was laughing at everything, dancing and acting like she was drunk.
We took our sleepy girl home and finally went to bed too. Long, fun day!

Evan hates his picture taken, so...... When it's just us two, he likes to take the camera:).

 Me. Me. Me.

 My sweet, dear Evan. He looks SO good in red!

We got full so fast so we took most of it home.
I like to call this my Kim Kardashian Vegas dress.


    1. wow, super pretty nati. How fun! I love your dress by the way. Just seeing it makes me feet hurt all over again ;) just kiddin