Friday, September 28, 2012

Kasey's Baby Shower

So Kasey is one of my best friends ever and I thought she would just love to be showered with love....PLUS also Boston needed to be showered. Evan actually helped me a lot, I literally would wake up in the middle of the night with idea plots that needed discussing! My poor husband, he was such a great sport. I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest and adapted things as I went. 

Here is an overview:

Diaper Cake

Ha ha, this was attempt #1. Evan came home kindly as possible said that it looked like it was wrapped in toilet paper. Lol, I can kind of see what he meant so he took us to JoAnn's and this was the result of his intervention.....

The giraffe was just an idea, it's Vienna's but I did find an elephant for Boston! 
Kasey loves elephants so I thought it was fitting. 

Ta-Da!!! The final result!

The frame was for all her friends to leave a message for Boston to read someday....

Game Time!

Food Time!!

Lots of dear friends!

Gift Time!!
Everyone gave her such sweet and loving gifts! Both Kasey and Boston were showered with love.... which was the whole point. I wanted them both to feel the love that surrounds this blessing that has been given. Evan and Kasey are so happy and they will make fabulous parents. 

 I LOVE you Kasey!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Snow White Baby

I finally was able to get to these pictures of my sweet baby. I had a lot of fun trying some different things with the effects. She is not always the best little model as she doesn't like to listen to mommy but daddy was there to be lots of fun with her. 
Plus I wanted to go for a more natural, sweet look. 

If you would like a photo shoot of your little princess, let me know! Depending on the size, I  can provide the dress:)

Hope you enjoy!

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