Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello Doctor and Mr. Bear

Vienna and I went to see the phlebotomist today to have my blood drawn again. She's almost always so fun to take with me. We are buds. I had to fill out some paper work and she wanted to look at the magazines. So there we sat on this awesome looking lime green curvy sofa doin' our thing. She is a very good girl when my blood is being drawn, although sometimes she wants to touch everything the phlebotomist is touching so we try to keep her busy. I'm always amazed at how smart she is. She remembers things and repeats them back to us. I just love her. 

We found out about a week ago that we had another miscarriage. Although it was sad to hear that the HCG in my body had lowered enough to show the miscarriage, I already knew it. I had felt a huge difference in myself the last couple days so I knew it was coming. I know we can have babies, hence Vienna, but to me, the saddest part is knowing that the little spirit growing inside of me won't get to be part of our family yet. I knew that no matter what happened, that that little being beginning to develop was ours.

  our positive pregnancy test

Things happen for a reason and we are taking things in stride. Heavenly Father knows what's best for our little family so I trust him.

Vienna is keeping us very busy and on our toes. If I don't keep the baby gate up or have her with me when I go in to the kitchen, she makes a quick break for the stairs. Yesterday, I went to fill up her bottle for 10 seconds and she was up the 1st flight, past the landing and half way up the second flight! My heart was racing, I was so scared. She does a lot of up but not as much down. She got such a kick out of seeing me panic. She giggled and booked it to the top. I followed closely behind and watched her race into my room and pile on top of her giant 53'' bear. I guess that's all she wanted:).

We have had to hide this bear on many occasions because she cries and cries when it's time to leave the bear. Seriously, no matter how long we let her play with Mr. Bear, she is brokenhearted when it's time to say bye. Bedtime was beginning to turn into a nightmare if she saw the bear before bed. With a little bear monitoring, we usually have things under control now:)

She loves her bear! Thanks Nana and Papa.
Ps. Her adorable outfit is courtesy of her sweet Aunt Janet. Thank you for your great taste in clothes!! We love you guys!

Also here is a fun video of Vienna reviewing the money mailers last night before bed.


  1. Nati u made me cry again, but once again, I draw strength from you! And the bear thing is so funny. I think me and alex end up sleeping with that bear in josephs room then the kids do. Super cute! I love reading your blog!

  2. I'm glad you are doing well.
    Your writing is so descriptive; in my mind's eye I could see Vienna in flight and enjoying it.