Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Institute of Healing Arts GRADUATION

 My sister Mel graduated from: 
The Institute of Healing Arts
Where they focus on the emotional connection to healing, providing private sessions, workshops and year-long courses. 
SHe was able to attend the school with Tsukie, our dear friend and they have both learned so much more about how to help others leave the past behind them and to live a life free from a limiting past. 
I'm so proud of everything Mel has been able to accomplish. She has sacrificed so much to reach this point and I wanted to take a moment to recognize that. Here are a few pictures from the graduation. 

Congrats Mel!
All the graduates
. Congrats!!

 Mel and Tsukie

 Tsukie, Pam (The Owner/Director), and Mel

 Mom, an instructor

 Mel's number one fan and number one babysitter

Grandpa and Vienna, also huge supportors

Tired Joesph....and Alex:)