Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kasey Kaye Williams Reyne

My dear friend moved to California just over a month ago and I'm so sad that she's gone. I was so busy the few weeks before she left and I really regret not making more time to hang out with her as much as possible. Things just got crazy with school and I knew she would understand, but I'm finding that I didn't understand. I miss just hanging out with Kasey and making little bows for Vienna (before she was born). Or when we'd have a rough day at school and just needed a break from studying so we'd go for 'Jesus' bread and custom salads at Rudy River. Date nights were always a blast cuz we would plan stuff yet be chill and relaxed. Movies, pizza, pumpkin carving, etc. I am finding myself missing the Sprite she used to always insist on bringing me. Plus it was Evan's lucky time to actually get a Dr. Pepper or Pepsi. I don't like to support his habit but Kasey and Evan (Kasey's Evan) understand:). They are like the nicest people ever and we just love them. 
I know they are moving on to bigger and better things but I sure do miss my friend a lot. 
I love you Kasey.

 Evan and Kasey let me tag along for their engagement photo shoot and it was so much fun! They are just so perfect for each other and I'm glad I got to be a part of their wedding experience.

Beautiful Bride! She had such dress drama and it is so funny now, looking back. In the moment, it was pretty disastrous, I mean, who buys 3 wedding dresses!? Besides Kim Kardashian:) lol.
Dress shopping was a blast and I was so glad she let me come.

Look at that hair!! It's the most beautiful color of red ever! I have yet to see another redhead with this kind of amazing mane-ness. We call this a "Kasey Feature" 

 Ruby Days:). Kasey is the best waitress ever! Everyone knows so and everyone loves her.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OrangeSoda Softball

Evan loves to play ball! He obviously prefers baseball but softball with friends and co-workers is pretty fun too! He managed the team last season and got burnt out so, he just plays here and there when they can squeeze him in. He's super amazing so they want him often.....I sometimes just don't like to share. We're working on a compromise:). Vienna and I decided to come along and cheer Daddy on. We also got eaten by mosquitoes! So we got a two for one that night. It was fun to watch them play and Vienna got to practice her clapping and cheering, two things she loves. Evan's team did really well but ended up losing by one point! So close!

Mingling with the Melecio's

Alex, Mel and kids came to the park across from my house to eat their Wendy's. So I walked over with the monitor (Nena was sleeping) and hung out with them for a bit. Cami, David, and Joseph are so freakin' cute! They love their daddy so much and he was lucky enough to get the day off of work. Mel said it felt like a Saturday! Here are some of the pictures I snapped of them:)
 "We're twins!"  
David and Cami are 3 years old and the best of friends. Only don't tell Vienna because she is still under the impression that she is Cami's BFF;)

                                                                       Camila                                                 Joseph


 Daddy's day off! These kids love their dad so much! Especially for getting across the money bars.

Cami is my best little model. She's always camera ready! **Love you Cams**

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday Kneaders Sale

My mother had this brilliant idea for us all to get massages at 6:30 am on a Saturday. Adi, my little sister, was completely out of it at that hour and hung up on Mel, my older sister. So, I met mom and Mel for massages and it turned out that we had to wait like 30 minutes. I guess we weren't the only ones who thought of early morning massages. We decided to grab breakfast in the mean time and headed toward our favorite: Kneaders Bakery. As soon as we pulled up, there was this frenzied tension as women rummaged through old Kneaders knick-knacks. Within two minutes, the three of us turned into one of these "crazy sale ladies"! It was so fun and we couldn't help but keep laughing at how we were behaving. There was some great stuff! Lots of flowers, candles, frames, holiday decor, craft stuff and much much more!
 So it turns out every year Kneaders has this sale where there sell all there extra stuff for super cheap. I'm talking 10 cents to $5 for great stuff.  After each spending over $30.00, we hurried back to our appointments with our breakfast but with our car full of treasure! It was so much fun and our massages were fabulous! My massage therapist mentioned there was some tension in my back so I explained our eventful morning and all we had accomplished. It all made perfect sense. 
After we finished out massages, we all met back in the lobby and thought we should actually eat breakfast at Kneaders this time. Mel had to go home to her kids so it was just mom and I. Mel called right when I got there and asked me to see if there was anymore of these small clear containers. So I went back over and now the sale was whatever you can fit in the paper bag was only $2 !! So there we were again filling up more bags. Ha ha...... And we got Mel her plastic containers:).
I called Evan and he asked what I would be getting rid of if I was bringing all this stuff home.
Now I've just got to find good uses for everything.

Monday, September 26, 2011

School, School, School....

This is the beginning of my last semester at BYU and I am so thrilled! I'm graduating in Recreation Management with an emphasis in Leisure Services from the Marriott School of Management. It's been a long 4-5 years and I'm ready to move on with life. I originally started out this semester only planning on taking 6 credits (2 classes) and enjoying a pretty low key ending finally. 1 day before the add/drop deadline, I got an email from my major advisement saying I was a class short to graduate in December as planned. I was shocked! I've updated my graduation plan over 12 times in the past two years. I've had three different university advisers look it over and assure me I was right on track. I guess I knew this would happen and it did. Jeez, you think the worst might happen, and it does. So I had to rearrange my scholarship contract, student health plan, find a new class to fill the requirement and buy textbooks for it. Not fun and to make things worse, the class I took it a lot of reading and busy work. The TA even said so. Super lame. The "lamer" part is that I'm to idiot who took the wrong class last semester. I took History of Creativity 202 instead or 201, but according to the Dean of General Education I would be missing out on a key portion of my education. I just figured history is history and it's not going anywhere. If there's something that crucial that I missed, I'm sure I would be able to learn about it later. Nobody asked me though so here I am in the class I didn't have to take. I'm still trying not to hate everything about it. 

Point of story, I will be happily graduating from Brigham Young University in December 2011.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bowling at BYU

Evan and I met up with our awesome Brazilian friends Leilani and Daniel at BYU for some bowling! I will just say right now that I had a few lucky strikes but came in way 4th. I'm not so good at this game. Daniel won with Evan right at his heels! Super close! 
Leilani and Daniel just got married in April and they are so cute together. I always tell Evan that it seems like they've been married for longer because they mesh so well. We love to hang out with them and have so much in common. Vienna was a great little pal and loves these guys so that makes hanging out all the better. She loved the bright lights and fun music. It wont be long before she will get to bowl herself.