Friday, February 15, 2013

Griffin Winter 2012 Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Griffin came to visit this winter! We were so thrilled that we got so many days with them. I wish I would have taken more pictures but here are a few. 

 Vienna wanted Grandpa to read to her but then she ended up reading the whole book to him!
She loves this book and she knows it by heart.

Try #2. She loves "Love You Forever" too, she just doesn't get why the old mommy holds her grown up son. Maybe she will someday. 

 Red Lobster! So yummy:)

My two puppies. My little puppy likes to hide under the big puppy. 

Grandma and Grandpa Griffin with Vienna right before they took off. 
We LOVE these guys:) 

Circus Outing

Vienna and I decided to go to the circus totally last minute because Evan had a meeting. He was dying for me to take her to ride an elephant. We stood in line for 30 mins in the cold, Nena kept me warm though, she takes care of me when I don't have a coat. I didn't want to lug it around, little did I know I would have spent more time in the cold than inside:). We finally got in and watched a couple acts. The rope dancers were pretty cool and we were impressed. After the show they let you ride the ponies, camel or elephants. We checked them all out and she finally decided on the camel. After the camel though, she decided on the elephant and then the ponies but they were selling tickets anymore so we had a little melt down. I told her the ponies were going to sleep and she was okay with that. 

 This was her face when the motorcycles did their show. 
She thought we were way to close to the loud noise.

Dog show