Monday, February 20, 2012

The Adoption of Sophie

I have been dying to take Vienna to the animal shelter to give her a chance to interact with some different animals so that she can get used to them and love them as much as Evan and I do. 
(Note: to all those of you who think that I don't love animals, don't be confuse. I HATE shedding dog hair all over my house and I HATE when dogs scare little kids because they are crazy or disobedient and I HATE the housebreaking stage.) I understand that that may include a lot of  dogs but we decided if we could find a little dog with less of those qualities, we would be able to raise Nena with pets in the home. 

So.... We fell in love with Sophie and brought her home!!
She's a little 6 months old, purebred Chihuahua female who is technically housebroken and sheds a little bit but we've noticed it's bad at all. She's super cute, very mellow and best of all Vienna loves her. She's getting more and more comfortable playing with her. Sophie has these cute beagle/terrier coat markings and her toe nails are black and pink every other one. 
She has clean, beady eyes, she's not a big licker, which I love. I'm not a fan of lickers on my baby.
And she doesn't have stinky breath yet. Evan says it will come. Hmmm... guess we will deal with that later. 
She's been a great little bud so far. Already had a few accident, which I understand will happen while she gets the hang of a new place. 
Over all I hope she's as happy as we are. She is a little thin but cute as can be. 

I would totally recommend this way of getting a pet. 
We have done it the other way before: Beautiful, purebred, registered Golden Retriever puppy. Started from the ground up and ended up having to turn around and sell her before she was two. I just wasn't ready for all I would have to put up with a giant, crazy puppy. 
 This just seems so much better for us; giving a homeless animal a warm place to live, lots of food to eat and people to love and love it back.

NUVAS: North Utah Valley Animal Shelter


  1. I am soooo jealous! I want to dog so bad!

  2. She is such a cute little puppy. You will have to bring her over to play with Cordie. They could have so much fun.