Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Cleaning Supplies Storage

DIY Cleaning Supplies Storage that cost $5.00 at Walmart

Saw this on Pinterest and they said you can get a shoe holder at the dollar store but I checked and couldn't find one. This one for $5.00 was good quality and not too expensive so I just bought it and organized most of my cleaning supplies. Vienna is starting to get into drawers and lower cupboards so I wanted to elevate these products that are dangerous to her.
I love that I can see all the bottles and I know when it's time to refill the pockets.
It's simple but I was so happy when it was out from under my sink!

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  1. Hi Natali, Can you email me? Woman's Day would like to use this photo and idea in an online story. Thanks! ellen[dot]niz[at]