Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kasey Kaye Williams Reyne

My dear friend moved to California just over a month ago and I'm so sad that she's gone. I was so busy the few weeks before she left and I really regret not making more time to hang out with her as much as possible. Things just got crazy with school and I knew she would understand, but I'm finding that I didn't understand. I miss just hanging out with Kasey and making little bows for Vienna (before she was born). Or when we'd have a rough day at school and just needed a break from studying so we'd go for 'Jesus' bread and custom salads at Rudy River. Date nights were always a blast cuz we would plan stuff yet be chill and relaxed. Movies, pizza, pumpkin carving, etc. I am finding myself missing the Sprite she used to always insist on bringing me. Plus it was Evan's lucky time to actually get a Dr. Pepper or Pepsi. I don't like to support his habit but Kasey and Evan (Kasey's Evan) understand:). They are like the nicest people ever and we just love them. 
I know they are moving on to bigger and better things but I sure do miss my friend a lot. 
I love you Kasey.

 Evan and Kasey let me tag along for their engagement photo shoot and it was so much fun! They are just so perfect for each other and I'm glad I got to be a part of their wedding experience.

Beautiful Bride! She had such dress drama and it is so funny now, looking back. In the moment, it was pretty disastrous, I mean, who buys 3 wedding dresses!? Besides Kim Kardashian:) lol.
Dress shopping was a blast and I was so glad she let me come.

Look at that hair!! It's the most beautiful color of red ever! I have yet to see another redhead with this kind of amazing mane-ness. We call this a "Kasey Feature" 

 Ruby Days:). Kasey is the best waitress ever! Everyone knows so and everyone loves her.

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