Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adriana's 20th Birthday!

My only little sister turned 20 this last weekend and she's all grown up. We used to fight like cats and...well cats, pulling each others hair and refusing to let go first... We are so much more civil now:). She has traveled the world, lived in Europe and South America, dated to her hearts content, got her cosmetology license while she was in high school and has a great job that she loves! She's loves her nieces and nephews, is the best aunt ever (and the coolest) and she has just left to go with my parents to pick up our brother from his final days on his mission to Lima, Peru. She's got a pretty sweet life:). Oh and she has a new website (courtesy of Griffin Square Productions) for her hair and makeup artistry. You can see some of the amazing work she's done!
Here are some moments we spent together celebrating her special day. 
Happy Birthday Adis! We love you!

The Birthday Girl!

Adi didn;t actually get in.... not sure why the pool party but not birthday girl in the pool....

 Evan stopped by after work:) Vienna loves her Tia Adi.

We don't eat out very often with the whole family, but Adi was very insist that we do this and I totally agreed with her. We should eat out more than once a year. lol. The Pizza Factory was super good. Always love the bread sticks! It was so fun to all be together. 

Pictures with everyone. Cami had just fallen and was being so brave to put on a happy face for the picture. You can only see a little bit of sadness. Poor baby. 
David's smile made up for it though. He was happy to "smile big!"

Cute Adi are her cute cake that Mami made for her. Everyone but me because the only pictures of me were horrible. I like to blame the photographer....but it was my face being ugly in every shot:(. What do you do? My dad always says, "If you want a better picture, bring a better face." 
Vienna is a HUGE Justin Bieber fan! You can see her intense happiness and excitement at the idea of getting to watch the movie. ;)

Adi looks SO pretty! She got the BEST present from her professor: A happy birthday exam. So while she left her own party, the rest of us partied on with the new Wii Alex got. So fun! We did the Disney singing one and the boys played the WiiSports. Mom and Dad even played! Mom attempted to sing Cinderella's "A Dream Is A Wish." Mel and I came in to save her score. lol.

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