Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saturday Kneaders Sale

My mother had this brilliant idea for us all to get massages at 6:30 am on a Saturday. Adi, my little sister, was completely out of it at that hour and hung up on Mel, my older sister. So, I met mom and Mel for massages and it turned out that we had to wait like 30 minutes. I guess we weren't the only ones who thought of early morning massages. We decided to grab breakfast in the mean time and headed toward our favorite: Kneaders Bakery. As soon as we pulled up, there was this frenzied tension as women rummaged through old Kneaders knick-knacks. Within two minutes, the three of us turned into one of these "crazy sale ladies"! It was so fun and we couldn't help but keep laughing at how we were behaving. There was some great stuff! Lots of flowers, candles, frames, holiday decor, craft stuff and much much more!
 So it turns out every year Kneaders has this sale where there sell all there extra stuff for super cheap. I'm talking 10 cents to $5 for great stuff.  After each spending over $30.00, we hurried back to our appointments with our breakfast but with our car full of treasure! It was so much fun and our massages were fabulous! My massage therapist mentioned there was some tension in my back so I explained our eventful morning and all we had accomplished. It all made perfect sense. 
After we finished out massages, we all met back in the lobby and thought we should actually eat breakfast at Kneaders this time. Mel had to go home to her kids so it was just mom and I. Mel called right when I got there and asked me to see if there was anymore of these small clear containers. So I went back over and now the sale was whatever you can fit in the paper bag was only $2 !! So there we were again filling up more bags. Ha ha...... And we got Mel her plastic containers:).
I called Evan and he asked what I would be getting rid of if I was bringing all this stuff home.
Now I've just got to find good uses for everything.

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