Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bowling at BYU

Evan and I met up with our awesome Brazilian friends Leilani and Daniel at BYU for some bowling! I will just say right now that I had a few lucky strikes but came in way 4th. I'm not so good at this game. Daniel won with Evan right at his heels! Super close! 
Leilani and Daniel just got married in April and they are so cute together. I always tell Evan that it seems like they've been married for longer because they mesh so well. We love to hang out with them and have so much in common. Vienna was a great little pal and loves these guys so that makes hanging out all the better. She loved the bright lights and fun music. It wont be long before she will get to bowl herself.

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  1. Very cute nati! SOOOOO you! Seeing those pictures made me all happy again just to think of all the AWESOME deals we got, lol! I love the set up, and the font is definitely you too ;)