Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seven Peaks Days

With our Pass of All Passes in hand, we headed to Seven Peaks for a day in the sun!
Vienna LOVES the water but she also has a tendency to stumble a lot so she has swallowed a lot of water, poor girl. We have to keep a super close eye on her because she doesn't want to hold our hands! It's so frustrating because we are just trying to keep her safe! She is such a silly, independent girl! Or at least she think so. 

 Evan is so great about always being right with her, even if that means getting soaking wet by all the kiddie pool sprayers. He even asked the life guard if he could take her down the slide. Lol. I think she told him he might get stuck. Ha ha.

I LOVE this swimming suit!! 

 Baby and Mom

Vienna and I went the next day..... again! 
Look at those eyes! I just know that they are mine. 
It might be the only thing but I love that she has my eyes:)


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