Thursday, June 14, 2012

Papa's 77th Birthday

Happy Birthday Papa!!

We were thrilled to gather to celebrate our dear sweet Papa's birthday!
He is the sweetest grandpa ever and we just adore him!
It is always so fun to get together with Daddy's side of the family:)

 Our little concert pianist


Nena loves her Tia Mel. Sometimes she gets confused and calls her Mammy.
We are working on setting that straight.  

 Yummy food!! Thank you Nana and Papa!

Alex and his boys:) 

She tries so hard to keep up with all the long legs. 

 Here is everyone singing Happy Birthday!

 I love these two:). Dad and Mom.

 Briennie and Mel. Cute little mom's!

 Lots of the grandkids and their babies!

 A SUPER happy Alex! Always camera ready;)

 Birthday Boy gets his birthday kiss!

 Special..... That's all I can say. Lol.

I might have caught Brienne at a bad time. Love you Briennie!

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