Friday, June 15, 2012

Kade's Turns 1

Cute, Adorable Little Kade Turned ONE!!!

My bestest friend Jessica and her wonderful husband Skyler through a beautiful party for sweet little Kade! I missed the memo so we showed up an hour late which was a bummer since we live so far but it's okay. Kade's cake was a caterpillar made out of cupcakes! It was so cute! There was so many yummy cupcakes and food and everything was so beautiful! 
There was so much love and tenderness in every detail of the party. I took pictures of some of it because Jessica is such a great event coordinator! She had these cute little birthday labels made so everything coordinated and it really brought the party together. 
Everyone was having such a good time. I love seeing these same great people every time we have a Fautin Event. 
Vienna decided to make the trip even more fun by throwing up and then having a leaky two outfits later, we headed home:)

Here is the birthday boy:

 Isn't the cupcake cake amazing!?!?

 There's great-grandma Pat! (she looks nothing like a grandma at all:)

 All the little legs!!

 He's so happy!

Evan, Vienna and the shacabob! They were rainbow fruit bobs!

Thank you Jessi and Skyler for a wonderful party!
Thank you Kade for being an adorable one-year old!
Thank you Karson for being such a sweet older brother!

Love you guys!

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