Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1st Day of School

Vienna started school on Monday! She's attending a Montessori school and even though she's still so little she is having some great moments. We are still adjusting, both of us. I miss all the time I had with her and I think she miss me a little too. We will keep up our hard work and hope things settle down.

Here is what her teacher said:

Vienna is a beautiful girl and she did a good job today. It was a very typical day for a first day in class.  She had a few up set moments, however she was great most of the day.  
I can tell that she is going to adjust quickly. :)
I know that she is going to get into the swing of things soon,  I can tell that she is very bright and catches on quickly. :)  I am excited to get to know her better. :)

Here she is before we left for school on the first day. 
She looked so cute! It was so fun to tell her about school. 
As you can see by her wet top, she get really spitty and drolly when she has upset moments:(

Vienna munching apple snacks. Vienna doing "works"

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  1. Cute nati! She's looks like a "most appropriate precious girl!" And I'm sure those little "upset moments" will happen less and less. What a cutie. I'm glad we get to see her more often :) you're a cute little momma. I love to watch you with her!