Friday, June 1, 2012

Reyne Apt Hunting

Out best friends, Kasey and Evan, are moving back to Utah!!
We are thrilled! Vienna and I got to go check out some apartments that they are considering.
Here is what we found:

Country Spring Apartments
Master Bedroom
The master bedroom. You can see the private bathroom to the right and the door the the left.
(I'm standing in the closet) 

Master closet. Lots of shelves! :) 

 This is facing the shelves picture above.

 Master bathroom. Is that enough counter space Kasey?!

This is the master bedroom looking in from the door. Nice big window:). The lady giving me the tour said you can fit a king size bed, but I'm not so sure about that.  

The master bedroom again but this is from the window view.

The 2nd Bedroom
Okay so here is the BABY's ROOM!!! Vienna really liked it. 
She tried out BOTH closets for you guys:) 

It's really cute, not too small. I totally was picturing helping you make it all cute and nursery-ish!

This is the same room but from the window view. Having the other bathroom connected the the baby's room could be a little bit annoying because of the extra noise. But it can also be a good thing for baths, sick baby, and getting all cuted up for the day:) 

 Here is that second bathroom connected to baby's room. 

Here is the washer and dryer hook ups. It's close to the baby's room again but i'm sure the baby will get used to it:). 

This is the coat closet, across from the kitchen and at the beginning of the hall. 

Here is the living room and fireplace. Super pretty! 

More of the living room. The door on the far left is that narrow closet 

This is the front room from the fireplace angle. The front door, living room window (she said they al have this large window), and the dining/kitchen window (only on some 3rd floor apartment, large, open-able window). I would had them double check if your apartment has these windows, some have it and some don't. There is a hard floor by the door:)

Front door to dining/office area to the kitchen.  

Here is the whole area from the kitchen cabinets. Great for entertaining! 

Same angle with the fireplace. Can't you imagine it during Christmas time!!?? I can! 

Here is from the kitchen to the dining/office area. You can see that the fridge is small, but there is space for a larger one. 

Here is the kitchen from the dining/office area. The appliances are older models but they are clean. 
Lots of cabinet space:)

 Same angle but showing more of the hallway. From left to right you can see the baby's room then laundry room/2nd bathroom and the coat closet.
The island is smaller but you fit bar stools on the far right side.

Here are the appliances. There's an spot on the door of the refridgerator in this apartment.
It looks like vienna checked out the cabinets too:)

 The dishwasher. Maybe you can teach me how to use it:)

Here is that big window from the dining/office area. It supposedly only comes with the 3rd floor apartments, but your complex didn't have it. So if you want it, make sure they know that.  

This is the size of the window on the 2nd floor. It's little and it doesn't open. 

 This side is opposite from the one she was saying would b yours. The pools are to the far left of this picture.
Pretty outside, huh!? 

 Pretty fishy pond next to the pool and grassy area.

This is the opposite side. The apartment she had for you guys would be where that tree is. So you would be opposite from the pool, and guest house. 

 Here is your building again. 



  1. You're the greatest best friend anybody could ask for! Thank you so much for doing all that for us! Love you and can't wait to see you in two weeks :)

  2. Sooooo funny ... the apartments in the second half of this post ... the ugly red ones? That's where I live!!! Cheap Cheap Cheap rent though. I hear the townhouses in the same parking lot are pretty nice.