Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Griffin Family October

So it started out with a fun visit to Cornbelly's


Evan, Kasey, Josh, Jamile, Evan and Kenny....Plus also me taking the picture:)

After Cornbellys, we all met up at our house for some pumpkin carving. 
What do you think of our designs?!

Pumpkin Carving

Evan's Creation

Kenny's Creation

Jamile's Creation

Some how I forgot to take a picture of my pumpkin...and mine got smashed on Halloween night. Who just does that? It's so rude to vandalize!

Lakeside Trunk-or-Treat
Our little Tangled  princess! 
Evan got her dress and wig from Disneyland while he was thereon business this month.
She absolutely loved her wig! Weird, right? She wore it for a long time, until it started to get warm and itchy around her hairline.

School Halloween Party
So we started out the day with a parade for the other classes.

Here is Vienna's class doing their parade.

Family Trick-Or-Treating

My Daddy was the Toothfairy!! lol. He has a ton of practice!

All my family, half dressed up. The cool ones any way:)

My mom and I got our costumes from the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork! 
It was Evan's brilliant idea. He is such a smarty. He actually even picked mine out. 
I could not decide which one of the 6 that I had narrowed it down to. I LOVED it!

Again, the Bollywood girls! Or Indian Princesses...??? 

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