Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hogle Zoo Trip

We finally got to take Vienna to the ZOO!! SHe LOVES animals so we have been so excited for this for months now. It was way fun for her to see all these animals live that we see pictures of, read books about and see in movies. 
We met up with our good friends the Delorey's. We snapped a couple pictures of the kids on the carousal, 
We went to the bird show, which was fascinating! I just think it's so impressive how amazing these birds are. It was fun for Vienna to see them in action and not just through glass windows. 
All in all, it was a long, educational fun-filled day, taking our baby Vienna to the zoo. 

 Ready for a fun-filled day at the zoo!

 She doesn't get why we smile at the little box if no one is actually behind it.... 

 Ha ha. She is working so hard on smiling on cue! lol

 We absolutely LOVE Lion King and she has many pet "macacos" (Brazilian for monkey).
 I seriously think she was shocked that they really exist.

 There must be a person down there, asking her to say cheese because i have no clue why she's not looking MY way:)

 I've seen this show I few times in my life and I am amazed EVERY time! I'm not really a pet person (I have recently found) but these birds are huge and powerful and impressive, AND trained! It's crazy to me.

 I think Vienna thought he was kind craze because we don't know anyone (person or animal) who sits that straight and still while eating. 

Vienna thought we were torturing her by making her stand by this creature that she was sure was NOT an elephant. I don't think she knew they made I said, 
an educational day..... 

 She liked the real ones way better.

 The beauty of having a sit, stand and ride stroller and only one child  is that she can..... sit, stand and ride. And she does:)
Ps. Evan got her this outfit for her first day of school in the fall semester.
 I totally love it!

 Don't worry, she did not get eaten by the sea creature.

 This polar bear was AMAZING!! It was like a performer. 
Do these bears really eat people?

Am I the only one in awe of how these animals are so fascinating? 
They have some creator because, this is NOT the work of an amateur. 

Okay so you have to watch this. The polar bear does flips over and over and over. I do not know how they trained him to do this, but he loves it!! 
He looks weightless in the water.

 A cage she wanted to climb in...I think she was feeling the spots

Ha ha, she kept saying, "Daddy, bum, sit" while patting the daddy tiger. 
Plus also she thinks it's Simba.  

 This carasel was cruising because I failed miserably and getting a better picture of the Delorey's. I'm pretty sure Rocco is riding an otter.... ha ha, another cool pick. 
Grace's rhino saved the day

 Here I am thinking he would get her a really cool animal to ride, maybe a tiger, polar bear to fancy horse.... but no. They went right for the lamest one. Seriously, who picks the Warthog? Oh, Vienna. She wanted to ride Pumba.

 And guess who through a fit when it was time to say goodbye to Pumba...? 
Not Evan! Do you see how happy he is? :)

 Family picture on the train ride!

 Vienna wasn't looking at the camera anyway so we took one of ourselves:)

Needless to say, Vienna crashing as soon as we got in the car. 
What a fun day!!

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  1. I enjoyed looking through your pictures. It looks like you all had a great day at the zoo. How nice.