Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ballet Class

Our Sweet Pea just started Ballet!! She is taking lessons at Center Stage. Evan found out all about it and did all the hard stuff. He was so excited too! 
 I just think she is the cutest little ballerina and I am one of those moms who might go crazy with this. We went to Dance Works just to check out some stuff and holy cow! I was in heaven. The tutus are to die for, the ballet slippers and darling, and the leg warmers are irresistible!
I contained myself on just buying a bunch of stuff. I kinda want to see what I can make/try. We will see how that goes:)
Point of story: This is going to be fun. 
I snapped a couple pictures after her class this week.

 Ha ha, she really does love her class, even though she looks a little stiff here. lol

I think this back is to die for!

 Her teacher Cassie wasn't there today but this teacher was so great with the kids.

 I have to put stuff on her that I could never pull off. I am living vicariously:)

 Okay so I know this is blurry but I love that I caught her dead on with the teacher. 
She might be getting it! :)

 They are just starting to learn a dance for their Christmas concert.
Can't wait!

 She is thrilled about the treats/stickers at the end of class!

Maybe someday I'll get to take a similar picture of her in point shoes:)


  1. she's adorable :) that looks like fun. Cami said, "Oh I wish that was my ballet class too !

  2. So cute, Natali. I'll be waiting for pictures from the Christmas recital. You got some very good shots.