Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girl's Night Out: "This Means War"

"This Means War"

Mel, Adi, Krystyna and I went to see This Means War together and it was a blast!
I laughed my head off....again. (Evan and I saw it when it came out and I pretty much laughed a lot by myself, he laughs on the inside. lol)
Anyways, before the movie we met up at a yogurt place which was okay. (nothing like Yogurtland)
But it was super fun to be together and chat about life. 

Thanks for a good time girlies!!

Okay so everyone looks adorable..... but me! There is no photoshop that could fix this. I guess my arm is not long enough. We went to the Water Gardens, because they have popcorn for A DOLLAR!

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