Friday, May 25, 2012

BYU Graduation Day

Brigham Young University Graduation Day


I've finally finished school! No more classes, no more homework, no more late night studying!
I know there will still be other things in life that are like school but they won't be school, 5 years of school. I'm so happy that I finished and that I stuck it out.
I will never regret doing this and I'm grateful I had those special people in my life who pushed me to heights I never would have reached on my own. I am forever grateful.

Evan         Mom         Dad        Mel 

These four people have been a huge part of my finally graduating from BYU. I can honestly say I wouldn't have finished if it wouldn't have been for these people. They helped me see the bigger picture. 
Evan literally helped me with projects and assignments, staying up late WITH me and FOR me. Especially after having Vienna and jumping back into school 3 months later. He was my rock (technically, he still is:). He seriously was so amazingly there for me. He even proved to know me better than I know myself on more than one occasions. 
My mom and dad never stopped supporting me and pushing me to accomplish this goal. They knew I would be better off if I did and they helped me stretch and grow so I could become a better me. 
I used to always say that I wasn't made for school, but they taught me that we adapt and we have to be flexible because life isn't always what we plan it to be. 
It's easy to walk in someone's footsteps when they guide you and show you the way. Mel was that for me. She did it all. She started college right out of high school. She worked really hard for the grades that would keep her out of school debt. She met the man of her dreams, got married and got pregnant all before graduating. I could go to her for anything from scheduling to scholarships and grants. She knew everything. I don't know how people get through college without a MEL in their lives. 

My wonderful in-laws, Bill and Brenda were so sweet to send me these beautiful flowers. 
I love the color purple!! I love these!

Adi was so sweet to stay after and take some picture of me with the BYU signs.

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