Thursday, May 3, 2012

Evan's 26th Birthday Party

How handsome is this guy!? I just love him!

Evan turned 26 in April and I am finally posting the pictures of his special day!!
I love my baby so much that even though I would have loved to have thrown him a fabulous party, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with lots of friends and family instead. 
He had a chill morning and then went to Seasons Salon and Day Spa for a fun, relaxing treat. 

I sent him to get a scalp treatment (head massage), pedicure (foot massage), and a massage (full body massage). 

Did I mention that he LOVES massages?! 
He loved it!

While he was at the spa, I worked on his cake. I only had one cake pan of the site I needed so a four layer cake took lots of time to bake. I bake and froze the cakes two days before. Here is how that went:

Evan chose raspberry filling between the layers  

Here are all the cakes ready to be layered 

 Three layers..... and don't judge the not smooth sides. I fix that. 

It's such a yummy cake!! 

 Okay so I wanted to sort of pancake the layers together and I needed some weight. I think it helped:)

 Here is the green frosting. Green is Evan's favorite color!

 I think I should go into stucco-ing. If it were red, it would look like an adobe hut:).
My children will be so grateful when it comes time for school projects. 

Krystyna and I were taking a cake class so my frosting spatula thing got left in her cake stuff so 
I had to use a butcher knife to spread the frosting. Not ideal.... 

 I took more pictures of the top at the party

He wanted a silly, cyclops monster..... so that's what I made him:)

When he came home, I left to reserve our spot at Buffalo Wild Wings. I guess they get pretty busy so there is a really long wait. So I showed up at 5pm and by 7pm our table was ready and our guest were arriving. I planned for 20 and 26 showed up which was great. It was so nice that everyone could get together to celebrate his special day. Because of my lack of planning, things were a little crowded for a while but we had a good time. Evan was pretty sure that the MMA wrestling ruined the resturant for my mother. I'm not really a fan either. Ha ha. 

The Shumways! 

My parents, Alex and Vienna!

 Mami, Adi, Mel and Joseph!

 The Olsen's!

 Boy, Lippy and Justine!

The Lee's! 

Justin, Cami and The BIRTHDAY BOY! 

 The Griffin's .... US!

Birthday Boy!! and his cake! 

 The monster cake and Jo-Jo

 Adi and Mel! My beautiful sisters! I still can't decide which one is my favorite:) 

 Cami and Alex!

 Boy, Adi, Lippy and Justine!

Evan and Kenny! 

Jaxon, Tad (looking kinda crabby, not sure why),  and Evan! 

 Baby Vienna at the end of the night:)

It was a fun night!

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