Friday, March 30, 2012

Vienna Rose Griffin 14.5 Months Old

We got Evan's new camera and we love it! I love that Evan likes taking pictures so now we will have some of Nena and I! Yay. We are best buds and I never want to forget this time we have together. She is already getting so big and I just adore her. So I ask him to try out his new camera on us. Here is a few pictures of our photo shoot together. Didn't he do great!?!?!

Vienna is 14.5 months today!
(I can't believe I am one of those people who use ".5 months". lol)

Trying a little flash:) 

She's just chill in' and gazing. Modeling just comes naturally:) 

 ....Yes....the flower did get pulled out.... lol

"SOOOO BIG!"  ~Miss you Grandma!

 I had some fun with this one in Photoshop

I love this one. 
We look nothing alike yet she is my precious, sweet, perfect baby 
and I wouldn't change anything about her.  

This is the face she makes when she gets caught crawling up the stairs.

I know they are mostly of her but it's because I feel like a fatty right now and I want keep the fatty pictures to a minimum. But Vienna is perfect and I love pictures of her!

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  1. Nati so cute. I love nenners!!! What a little funny girl with a personailty like no other (although closely resembling her mothers ;) I want to try and take some pictures...maybe your camera can make me look good too! You look gorgeous en serio