Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cami and Vienna Day

Cami got to come hang out with us for part of the day yesterday and we had so much fun with our favorite niece! Cami spent the day being brave to Sophie and learning how to be the boss of the dog.
Maybe she can show her other siblings and mother;) lol

They had so much fun riding the little scooter. It was funny though when Cami was doing all she could to convince Nena that she really wanted to get off the scooter and push the stroller instead. ha ha. 
Kids are so honest.

I love Cami's face! She looks so cute!

 Vienna did not want to smile so this is the best I got. She is obviously annoyed. lol

 Look at how gorgeous Cami is! She's just adorable:)

Cami is SUCH a good sharer! She shared her whole lunch with Vienna. I had to intervene:)

And her is the Queen of Bedhead:). Still pretty cute, I must say. 

She had her mouth full, this one was my bad. lol

Now this one is not my doing.... 
I'm not sure where this came from but she is still pretty adorable, crazy smile and all. Lol. 
 As you can see, they are still not done with the lunch-able, even between the two of them . 

Vienna was too busy to pose for the picture....
Cami is totally on though:)

Look at Vienna's face! She is such a sneaker! She looks like a little mouse waiting for some cheese!

So Cami and I finished off our time with a round of Candyland after Nena went down for a nap. She was kinda messing up our game. Cami finally got the hang of it toward the end and she and Sophie even got to be Princess friends. They both like the same color and all:)


  1. NAti so cute I love it. I hope my kids are braver than I am with animals. Not really my forte :) I'm glad everyone helped me yesterday. I don't know what I would do without my family! Nena is a cutie, and I'm so glad that even though there is a 2 year age difference they are growing up together.

  2. Ha ha. We had so much fun and I'm glad they are buddies! And yes, we can work on the animal thing with baby steps.
    Love you!

  3. I haven't looked at blogs for a while, but I am glad I caught up with your posts. I LOVE all of the cute pictures and the funny ones (you know, the ones with blue teeth). Your Yogurtland pictures made me think it's time to go out with my girls again. Evan's poem was great. It's a talent to be able to put on paper what is in your mind AND have it rhyme. Thanks for sharing. This was my morning entertainment.
    Love, Tia Dawn