Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Witches Night Out

My dear friend Jessica goes to Gardner Village's "Witches Night Out" every year with Grandma Pat and her sister Kristin. Jess and I go way back (to like the 5th grade) so I got to come along this time! It was a blast! There were so many cool costumes and amazing witch hats! It was a rockin' party and of all nights, I was having some serious issues with my camera. So.....don't judge:). 
We had such a good time eating dinner on a bale of hay (I think it was a prop), buying candy and shopping at the boutiques. I was like a kid on Christmas morning because there were a million things I would have loved to take home with me. Kristin had this adorable feathered witch hat and these crazy tights! Grandma Pat knew where all the cool places were and Jessica stood in line with me at the candy store for like 30 minutes. So pretty much they took good care of me because everything was packed and my phone died. 
Ps. I was not prepared for this event so you can very much tell. 
On the other hand, everyone else was all decked out (as if they had done this before or something...). 
They looked great!
 We met at Grandma Pat's house so they could get all ready. I was on eyelash duty... Let's just say, they probably won't let me help next time for three reasons:
1. Vision is important at these events.
2. Glue + contacts = burning
3. My orange-breath in their face was gross

 Can you believe she is a great-grandma!?!? Crazy, right?! 
This woman runs marathons, recently switched from being a firefighter to a police officer and is so much fun. I like to share her with Jessica when I can:).

 All ready to go!
 Jessi and I
 The huge glowing green tree where the dance party was taking place.

 These guys' costumes were intense, I just had to snap a picture.

 Kissy face!

Inside the candy shop that was packed. I tried so hard to find some treats for Evan. Jessi was a good sport because I literally walked the whole store at least twice.

 The witch displays were so well done and way fun to see. The pumpkin girl had a sweet costume but I just barely missed her so it's not a good shot. Oh! And that pink tutu was so freakin' cute and I wanted to buy it for Vienna but I had already bought her a white one at the boutique before. Anastasia's Attic had such beautiful things. Truly fit for a Russian Princess. I wanted to buy it all for Vienna. I will have to bring her next time.
 A very small glimpse of the inside...

The four of us party girls.

 This particular witch was very....enhanced. I was getting jabbed in the back with her voluminousness. Lol.

 Jessica and Kristin in the bookstore.

One of my favorite displays of the whole village! I just thought it looked so neat.

 Breast Cancer Awareness Witch

Okay so we parked far away so we wouldn't have to be stuck in traffic.....but we had to cross a cemetery to get there. Earlier when we parked wasn't so bad. It was on the way back that it was spooky. And on top of walking through a graveyard in the dark on a witchy night, Jessi stepped on a fresh grave! Yuck.
Got home after midnight.....
What a fun night!

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