Thursday, April 19, 2012

California 2012 Trip

Ramada Inn
We just arrived at the hotel where Alex was staying. It was such a LONG ride. Vienna slept maybe 2 hours of the 9 hours drive and we woke her up at 4am. Needless to say, she still does not like the carseat and our whole car was awake with her. Boy and Adi are getting a good look at road trips with babies. lol. 

We had a little time to spare before we had to be at the studio so the boys and the kids jumped in the freezing cold water. Boy is so good with the kids, they just  love him.

Daddy loves his little girl. They are just perfect together.

Pretty little swimsuit model:)

Show Studio
Beautiful Mami!

It was so fun to be part of the audience!

Radisson Hotel
So we spent like an hour waiting in the lobby of our hotel because Adi left her bag there the night before and the stupid security guards were NO help. It was just lost beach-time but whatevs.....

Santa Monica Beach

Dinner at the Beach

Aunt Kristi, Lauren, and Dillian were in Santa Monica too! It was so nice to have them for dinner.

Griffin Family
We got to go visit John and Dawn really quick in Porterville! It was so nice to see everyone, even though we were rushed in and out. 


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