Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY Earring Display

So I have yet to find an earring holder that will hold all my earrings and still be pretty. 
Here is how I used to have them.....Or at least one of many ways I've tried it.
I love it but my sister Adi calls it my grandma corner. Plus also it collects dust and It's hard to dust regularly.
My cousin Justine made a small 5x7 frame to hold her earrings so I started there. My friend Brittni gave me the frame because she was moving out of state and I stole the lace from my mom.

Here's a total list of what I used:
*Frame (no glass, back or mat is needed)
*Hard poster board (Walmart $2.00) Whatever your frame size is
*Material to put behind the lace (so you don't see the stuffing)
*Pins (I really like the pearl-tipped ones....)
*Quilt/blanket batting (to make it deeper for the earring hooks to catch)
*Glue gun & glue sticks

I fitted the poster board to fit like a back to the frame, nice and tight.
Then I glued the batting to the board, then snuggly fitted the backing material to the board, over the batting.
I then zigzagged the lace over the material, pinning each side to the back as I went.

I have a few earrings that aren't hooked and are actually studs so I wanted to be able to put the backs on some of them. I used a shorted strip of lace, doubled, across the top that I pinned to the back as well.

I then placed the frame over the board (and all the stuff attached) pinned it up and put some glue around the edges and held it till it dried.

Then I added all my earrings.....which was the funnest part:)

Be careful not to just hook the earrings to the lace or it will pull it down and make it look sloppy. Hook it through the batting. 
 A lot of these are such great memories attached to them and most of them My Sweet Husband Evan got me.

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