Monday, December 17, 2012

Tree Hunting

 We we always get our tree from Lowe's. I have no idea why but we love these Douglas Fir 6-7 footers. We went through a few different ones and finally came across this beauty!

 Look at that handsome man!! Oh and also the beautiful tree:)

 Nena is working on her "cute" smile so I had to include this even though it's blurry.

I have no clue what created such a silly face but it is very genuine.  

 I love this boy! He is my perfect other half. Plus he bought me the tree I wanted so he's a gem.

Lol. She did NOT want to stand on top of the blocks 

 But she was happy to sit:)

It was SO fun and here is what we created:

 Happy Holidays!!


  1. The last picture made me laugh out loud! It is SO cute. Is that the picture for your Christmas card this year? I enjoyed looking at each picture. I think Vienna looks like you when you were little in the one she is sitting on the blocks. What do you think? Your home is decorated so beautifully. I hope you all have a blessed Christmas. "Glory to God in the highest!" Sending all my love, Dawn

    1. Oh Tia Dawn! We did! We are SOOO blessed. Life is amazing, isn't it? I love that you see me in Vienna, even if it's small:). You've known me since I was born so I think you're a perfect judge:). I hope you guys had a fabulous holiday too. We genuinely miss you and Justine here in Utah. This season makes it extra hard to NOT miss your faces at all the gatherings. We wish you the best and hope to see you soon! Love you!