Friday, August 3, 2012

Kneader's Bakery Sale

Kneader's had their annual sale and we were their early to get a look at the good stuff.
Mom, Mel and Tia Bonni got there before me and saved me a plastic bin so I could gather my treasures. You aren't allowed to start until 7am but there were some cheater ladies hiding things and blocking it off. It was pretty silly but what was sillier was the thought of sneaking it away from them just to throw them for a loop. I would never do that of course, but it did go through my mind. 

We wrapped it all up by 8am and heading back to Tia Linda's and Tio Walter's for breakfast.

The cheater lady was making Tia Bonni mad!...Just kidding!

 Mom and I 

 Our treasures!

Mel, Tia Bonni and Mom 

More treasures....!

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