Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Glider Makeover

I was dying to get a matching rocker for Vienna's nursery before we
When you choose a color like deep, royal purple, you will find it difficult to find the right furniture.
The great part is..... DO-IT-YOURSELF projects!!
I bought a glider on ksl for $30.00 with the intention to make some changes to it.

Here is where we started:
Lovely, right?

Just for the record, it took me over a year to finally get to this so Vienna had this chair in her room FOREVER. It took about a week total but I just did it in my spare time.

Here are the materials you need:
White paint/primer
1.5 yards of material
Matching thread
1 yard of zipper

So I pretty much started from the base up.

1. A light sanding, just to get the rough surface.
2. Two coats of white paint/primer. The paint had both in it together so that was nice.
3. Removed the material from the cushions. They had zippers so that was easy.
4. Turned them inside out and literally laid them on top of the new material.
5. Cut it out with a 1 inch margin.
6. I cut it out and literally sewed it just like the old one.
If that's vague, let me know:)

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