Monday, January 9, 2012

Griffin Festivities

So we were lucky enough to have Evan's parents for Christmas this year! We had a blast and here are some highlights....

Nadia and Scrooge! She was so excited!

Evan wanted to take his parents to the shooting range. His mom has always wanted to shoot a Dirty Harry! Did I get the name right?? Super loud and lotsa fun. Thanks Daddy for taking us!

"This baby is SOOOOO big!"

Dinner at Moochies.... Thanks Justin!

Vienna, Evan and Brenda (Evan's Momma)

Evan's Mom and Dad, Bill and Brenda. Two of the most fabulous people!

He has the whole world is his..... on his back? :)

 On MARS!!

On the MOON!!

Cute little model Nadia!

Little miss Sonata lookin' adorable!

 Dinner at Tucanos!

 Look at that smile! Sweet little Zadok:)

Happy Birthday Adam!

The Griffin's on Mars!

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